International Feminist Camp

You are cordially invited to the International Feminist Camp (Polish: Lewicowy Obóz Feministyczny - LOF), which will take place in Wojtowice (113 km from Wroclaw) between the 2nd and 8th of August 2015.

LOF will take place in Poland for the first time, and was born out of the need to act and support each other, as well as the need to tackle challenges faced today by feminist movements. The camp is being organized by an informal initiative group, comprised of people from several Polish cities. Its goal is to integrate people active in social movements, fighting for feminist alternatives to current forms of exploitation and oppression of people and nature.


LOF will be a space for discussing current feminist strategies of resistance against modern forms of limiting social and political freedoms, resistance against the diminishing of the material foundations of our lives: the access to land, housing or healthcare. It will also be a space for making new contacts and creating social networks and political friendships both on an international and regional level. Currently, in many places where the feminist movement used to be strong, today it is weak. These places need to support one another and make use of the experiences of new feminist movements. Because LOF is being organized in Poland, we want to pay particular attention to the situation of Central and Eastern Europe – the regional social struggles and condition of the feminist movement.

LOF has three principal goals, which will also be the main focus during the debates taking place at the camp:
- the situation of women during neo-liberal crisis (of both state and capital)
- the role of women in new social movements
- the current condition of feminist movements:
*the experiences of radical/left-wing feminist movements
*the development of the identity of radical feminist movements – whether we have common identities/goals
*synthesis and analysis in search of a common strategy of radical/left-wing feminist movements.

In particular LOF will be engage in analyzing collective action:
1) against the growing power of transnational corporations,
2) against war,
3) for the alternatives towards commercialization and privatization of the health care system, and other social provisions

All participants are more than welcome to propose their own topics for the debates/workshops.

If the goals of the camp are close to your engagement in social movements, if you want to take a part in and expand discussions during the camp and share your experience – you should come to us and join LOF!

How to join LOF:
1)read the practical information about the camp
2) Go to, fill-in the application form (it will be send to us automatically).
Closing date for registration: 25.06.2015

Information about the camp on website:
On facebook:

International Feminist Camp 2015


Practical information about the camp:

The main languages used in the camp will be English and Polish. If you need translation into another language, please let us know in the application form.

The camp will be self-governing, and all participants will share basic maintenance tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, equally. There will be a common vegan kitchen available to everyone.

There will be space indoor for everyone. Some beds will be available, but you are advised to take sleeping pads and sleeping bags. If you want to, you can also take a tent.

If you have a child and have nobody to leave them with, we can help you care for them during the workshops.

The cost of participation is 25 euro/100 złoty for the whole camp this will go
mostly for helping those who cannot afford it with travel costs.

If you cannot afford camp participation/travel: 1) first try to find support somewhere in your country (print out the invitation and your application form and look for support based on that). If this fails, let us know in the form how much support you need (we do not guarantee that we will be able to cover all of it).

If you want to come and create LOF with us, think about a topic for discussion/workshop you would like to run (take a part in) and fill-in the application form and send it to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. The final registration date is 25.06.2015.

How to get to the camp:
The place is called “Wataszka” ( what in Polish means diminutive for a pack of wolfs.
It is a house in a small village Wójtowice, which is located near Bystrzyca Kłodzka, 113 km from Wrocław. If you are coming from far away you can reach it by first coming to Wroclaw airport and then taking a train to Bystrzyca Kłodzka (for the connection see here: Wataszka is located 10 km from the train station, let us know exactly when you are coming – we will pick you up by car.


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Left Feminist Camp is a part of World March of Women ( and Feminist Caravan 2015 which travels through Europe from March to October ( The aim of the caravan is to strengthen women's political subjectivity and a common struggle for a world based on the values of freedom, equality, justice, peace and solidarity.