femmesKurdistanTurkeyDear sisters,
As International Women's Day approaches women in Kurdistan and Turkey have accelerated meetings, political and logistical preparations to host an international action properly. You may find the most recent program and practical info attached. 
Up to now, we have only 20 international participants registered, most of them individuals without tie an NCB. Grassroots women have higher expectation of being part of an international movement. They get the feeling that dynamism here is not met with the same enthusiasm in European NCBs and struggle of women deserves more international attention. As all these hard work being done by self-sacrifice of grassroots women and organisations without any external financial resources, weak international representation will cause disappointment in local communities.
Please share and distribute information attached and react to this outcry.
Here are videos calling for actions in Kurdistan: 
Looking forward to seeing you in the launch of 4th Int'l actions.
In feminist solidarity,
Yıldız Temürtürkan